Unlocking the medicinal properties of natural products for pain, swelling & stiffness relief


Nnatural Wellness is made up of a diverse group of professionals with the common goal of maintaining wellness of humans using natural products without the artificial chemical additives. Anytime we eat processed food or take orthodox medicine, we consume both active and inactive ingredients. The inactive ingredients are usually non-natural and are greater in variety. They are used to preserve, stabilize or make the product appear or taste better. Strictly speaking these non-natural ingredients should not be in our bodies because they have the potential of causing or accelerating mild to serious ill health, dysfunctions, disorders, disease or dependency. Our goal is to minimize these non-natural ingredients whilst at the same time maintaining wellness by carefully transforming secondary metabolite extracts of natural products into freshly prepared creams, ointments and infusions - for acute and chronic pain, stiffness and swelling. From our point of view, the less dependent we are on non-natural products the healthier we shall be.

Nana Osei-Kwabena, PhD

Medicinal Chemist and CEO.